Bus’In Your Chops – Jacksonville, FL (@businyourchops)

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. Get ready Jacksonville, FL!  A new food truck is hitting the streets.  Drew Cavins has been running the Mossfire Grill (one of the top 25 restaurants according to Jacksonville Magazine) for quite some time.  His brother, Curt Cavins joined him in the operation of the O’Brothers Irish Pub.  Together…

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Sweetery – Street Sweets – New York, NY (@sweeterynyc)

When you hear the “Street Sweets” name you are probably thinking, “oh, another cupcake truck.”  Well, in the case of New York City’s Street Sweets food truck you are absolutely correct…. or, ummmm, maybe you are totally wrong??? Street Sweets certainly has cupcakes freshly baked on their truck, and they are darn good.  Who doesn’t…

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street sweets new york city
taco dawg truck orange county, ca

Taco Dawg – Orange County, CA (@thetacodawg)

Congratulations to Taco Dawg as FoodTruckTalk.com’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! Note: This food truck is not currently operational. On the side of the Taco Dawg’s food truck their tag line is displayed very prominently: “Good Food Isn’t Complicated.”  It’s a simple concept, but is not always easy to execute.  However, the Taco Dawg delivers with a unique menu combination of…

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Fry Captain – Washington, DC (@frycaptain)

Congratulations to Fry Captain as FoodTruckTalk.com’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! The Fry Captain is not currently operational. The Fry Captain has become a super hero among their many Washington, DC followers by serving a simple menu, but with incredible perfection. The menu at it’s most basic level is simple, French Fries and Milk Shakes.  What the Fry Captain…

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cart for a cause

Cart For A Cause – Los Angeles, CA (@CartForACause)

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. How about you buy yourself lunch for $10, your lunch is prepared by a famous Los Angeles chef, and the meal is unique and delicious. Then 100% of your $10 is used by the Cart For A Cause program benefiting St. Vincent Meals on Wheels of Los Angeles’ program…

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Latin Burger & Taco – Miami, FL (@latinburger)

Congratulations to Latin Burger & Taco as FoodTruckTalk.com’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! We can argue for decades on what the best burger is.  We all know the argument… is it In ‘n’ Out, Five Guys, or many others?  Well, the argument gets quite a bit more heated in South Florida with the addition of Chef Ingrid Hoffmann’s Latin…

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latin burger miami florida
kosher food truck

Takosher – Los Angeles, CA (@takosher)

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. One of the great things about food trucks is that they allow entrepenuers to find food niches to support their creativity.  This is exactly the case with Takosher, Los Angeles’ first certified Glatt Kosher food truck!   Takosher’s tag line is “The Chosen Taco” as it’s menu fuses Kosher dietary…

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Senor Roy’s Taco Patrol – Cincinnati, OH (@senorroys)

Note: Senor Roy’s Taco Patrol is not currently operational. I’ve heard that the further south you go the better the Southwestern and Mexican cuisine gets. Well, it’s true, Cincinnati if pretty far south in Ohio and Senor Roy is kicking out some powerful fresh mexican food. Senor Roy aka Roy Silcott was a local area…

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