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Yumbii is Yummy! – Atlanta, GA (@yumbii)

I guess we have a math question today. What if you take Korean BBQ add Mexican traditions, and mix in some Southern love and attention? No, the answer isn’t 83, it’s Yumbii Food Truck in Atlanta, GA. World class chef Thomas Lee (Hankook Taqueria) combines all of the flavors of Asia, Mexico and the south…

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Ms. Cheezious – Miami, FL (@mscheezious)

Growing up I believed that my grandma made the very best grilled cheese sandwiches. Looking back I doubt that it was the bread (Wonder Bread) or the cheese (Kraft American Slices) that she used that made her grilled cheese one of my favorite sandwiches, but rather the love! In Miami there is now grilled cheese…

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The Taco Truck – Hoboken, NJ (@thetacotruck)

  There are lots of food trucks that claim to be taco trucks.  But there is only one that is “The Taco Truck.” The Taco Truck serves Hoboken, Jersey City and their surronding areas.  When looking for more information about them it is pretty simple: Website: TheTacoTruck.com, Twitter: @TheTacoTruck, Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheTacoTruck Get it?  This is…

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Roving Mammoth – Mammoth Lakes, CA

I think we may have found the winner of the most unique food truck! Meet the Roving Mammoth, a food truck built into a snowcat, with huge treads that allow it to travel anywhere on Mammoth Mountain delivering delectable burritos. Another Roving Mammoth snow cat will be launched soon that delivers hot and fresh calzones…

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Bistro Truck – New York, NY (@bistrotruck)

Congratulations to the Bistro Truck as FoodTruckTalk.com’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! Note: This food truck is not currently operational. In New York City you can find a restaurant serving food from virtually every country in the world!  The same is quickly becoming true of New York City food trucks. Moroccan-born Yassir Z. Raouli’s  Bistro Truck food truck is…

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boka tako

Boka Tako Truck – Richmond, VA (@bokatruck)

The Boka Tako Truck is a big hit in Richmond, VA.  Richmond is just a two hour drive from Washington, DC but has a much smaller population, around 200,000 in the city and 1.2 million in the metropolitan area.  Nonetheless, Bako Tako has been producing high quality Takos under chef Patrick Harris. Before we can…

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The Grilled Cheese Truck – Los Angeles, CA (@grlldcheesetruk)

Nothing says comfort like a good old grilled cheese sandwich! Southern California’s Grilled Cheese Truck was born after their founders entered their Cheesy Mac & Rib Melt into LA’s 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. What was a weekend activity and a hobby became the impetus for the Grilled Cheese Truck. At the festival the site…

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