latin burger miami florida

Latin Burger & Taco – Miami, FL (@latinburger)

Congratulations to Latin Burger & Taco as’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! We can argue for decades on what the best burger is.  We all know the argument… is it In ‘n’ Out, Five Guys, or many others?  Well, the argument gets quite a bit more heated in South Florida with the addition of Chef Ingrid Hoffmann’s Latin…

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Takosher – Los Angeles, CA (@takosher)

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. One of the great things about food trucks is that they allow entrepenuers to find food niches to support their creativity.  This is exactly the case with Takosher, Los Angeles’ first certified Glatt Kosher food truck!   Takosher’s tag line is “The Chosen Taco” as it’s menu fuses Kosher dietary…

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kosher food truck

Senor Roy’s Taco Patrol – Cincinnati, OH (@senorroys)

Note: Senor Roy’s Taco Patrol is not currently operational. I’ve heard that the further south you go the better the Southwestern and Mexican cuisine gets. Well, it’s true, Cincinnati if pretty far south in Ohio and Senor Roy is kicking out some powerful fresh mexican food. Senor Roy aka Roy Silcott was a local area…

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frites n meats new york

Frites ‘N’ Meats – New York City, NY (@fritesnmeats)

It’s an overcast, cool, rainy day today…. perfect for some comfort food.  That makes it perfect for a great burger and incredible fries.  New York’s Frites “n” Meats delivers in both areas. First off they start their burgers with a choice of two quality types of meat.  Either grass fed angus, or wagyu american kobe. …

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Coolhaus – Los Angeles (@coolhaus)

Congratulations to Coolhaus as’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! Every time I go to San Francisco I treat myself to the famous ice cream sandwiches called It’s-It.  They are made by sandwiching vanilla (usually) ice cream between two oatmeal cookies and then dipping them in dark chocolate.  In the 70’s they could only be found in…

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