Sam’s ChowderMobile – San Francisco, CA (@chowdermobile)

Happy National Clam Chowder Day!  Yup, it’s today, Friday, February 25th! You hear a lot of stories these days of food trucks growing up on the streets and becoming traditional sit-down restaurants.  San Francisco’s Sam’s ChowderMobile has achieved success doing the exact opposite.  First they opened the magnificent Sam’s Chowder House Restaurant (225 seats) overlooking the Pacific…

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sam'schowdermobile lobster roll

Jogasaki Burrito – Sushi Burritos in Los Angeles, CA (@jogasakiburrito)

  Congratulations to Jogasaki Sushi Burrito as’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! There is little question that the Korean BBQ taco and burrito launched the food truck revolution.  It was quickly followed by other burrito variations that combined cuisines from virtually every nationality. Therefore, it should come to no surprise that the one of the latest burrito…

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brian burger curbside truck

Curbside Truck – Baton Rouge/New Orleans (@curbsidetruck)

There are a few things concerning the Curbside Truck that grabbed our attention.  First off, everybody loves hamburgers – but not everyone makes a great hamburger, the Curbside Food Truck does.  Secondly, the Curbside Truck has found a way to take a traditional item like the hamburger and localize it. Meet the KGB Burger.  A…

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Slammin’ Sliders – Los Angeles, CA (@slamminsliders)

When you want a slider, go to an expert! In Southern California Slammin’ Sliders is the expert, serving gourmet sliders; delicious, inventive, craving-worthy sliders that will have you coming back again and again and again. Slammin’ Sliders doesn’t kid around, all of their sliders feature top-grade ingredients and qualtiy presentations. Beef lovers should try the…

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