pep pep slidin' thru

slidin' thru las vegasIn a city known for it’s largeness it is a pleasant suprise that Slidin’ Thru has revved up the street food phenomena in Vegas with their mini-burger gourmet sliders.

The burgers/sliders are all fresh, well seasoned angus beef.  One of the most popular is the Barbie Slider, melted cheddar cheese, carmelized jalapeno, crispy fried onion, bacon and bbq sauce.  I must admit, that is one heck of a combination!

The Pep Pep Slider features lettuce, tomato, bacon, sauteed onion, melted cheddar and a supper slidin’ sauce.  The Captain’s Order Slider has roma tomato, augula, bacon, feta cheese, sauteed onion, with a balsamic reduction.

pep pep slidin' thru

For pure meat eaters I like the Barbie.  The combination of carmelized jalapeno with the crispy fried onion is a great culinary treat.

For those searching for “white meat” there is a pulled porkie slider, and for veggie lovers the Eggplant Caprese Slider with grilled eggplant, roma tomatoes, basic, fresh mozzarella with a balsamic reduction.

Slidin’ Thru also has other special items that grace their menu.  How about the “PB Bacon Banana Joint”?  It’s a slider with carmelized banana, peanut butter and bacon.  Wow!  The “B-Lo Birdy” slider is stacked with crispy chicken tenders, lettuce, fresh roma tomatoes and drizzled with ranch dressing and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  Another winner.

slidin thru las vegas food truck

Unlike other places in Las Vegas you can’t lose with Slidin’ Thru.  The regular menu is great, plus each of their specials is creative and tasty.  Slidin’ Thru is a better choice than the $1.99 all you can eat buffets!  Quality and taste win out every time.

Also, check out Slidin’ Thru’s website. Great design and a lot of fun!

Slidin’ Thru – Las Vegas, NV

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