Street-Za Milw, WIEating, taste testing, street food, and food trucks are all a lot of fun.  However, there are many people who live on the street and don’t get the opportunity to experience what we consider street food.  Their street food is quite a bit different.  In the United States there are around 1,000,000 homeless people.  With the current economic conditions we can only assume that that number is rising.

Together we can help a few of those in need.  We ask that you send us at least two of your logo’d clothing items, hopefully more.  They can be hats, shirts, jackets, whatever you are using to promote your business.  Adult and children sizes are appreciated! We will donate 75% of what we receive to various homeless shelters and organizations.  The rest of the items will be distributed to members of the community, those who get involved not only with food trucks, but also those who reach out into the community.

If you would like to participate, just use our contact form and we will send you the mailing address. As we get contributions we will extend our shout outs and thanks via this thread.

Thank you!